Operationally Crunched? Smart Marketing For Crazy, Busy Times

Businesses of all sizes, shapes, and industries are feeling the stressors of today’s work environment. From tight budgets to supply chain challenges, companies are busier than ever. 

To add to these challenges, “The Great Resignation” has forced organizations to do more with fewer resources than ever (possibly) before. Consider this: 

  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4 million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021.
  • A Pew Research report found that the majority of workers who quit their job in 2021 say low pay (63%), no opportunities for advancement (63%), and feeling disrespected at work (57%) were reasons why they quit.
  • Another report from McKinsey shows that the number of current job openings (10.9 million) exceeds the number of new hires (6.3 million).

In these crazy, busy times, some decision-makers are pressing pause on their marketing initiatives, however, businesses in the JAM portfolio are taking a more savvy approach and challenging the paradigm. 

You may be tempted to step back on marketing because you’re busy and spread thin, we think you should rethink that thought. At Awve Marketing, we recommend that you:  

  • Pivot your marketing efforts inward.
  • Get laser-focused on your efforts.
  • Stick with tried and true initiatives. 

Why Marketing Matters + How To Keep It Going In Busy Times

Your employees are your first customers.

Your employees are more valuable to your organization than ever before. And, likely due to the current working environment, these employees:

  1. Have many more job options to consider 
  2. Are taking on more roles and duties 
  3. Play a more integral role in your customers’ experience with your brand

With all those facts addressed, it is essential that business leaders place a priority on employee messaging, marketing, training, and team building. Marketing starts inside the proverbial four walls of the business. Here are some internal marketing strategies to consider:

  • Make sure you and your team are on the same mission. How? Create playbooks, hold meetings to reinforce your vision, and get buy-in from key managers and employees.
  • Work on your culture. How? Encourage engagement, empowerment, promotion within, and rewards for loyalty.
  • Tap them to promote your brand. Your employees are your brand ambassadors, your customers’ support system, and the ethos of your company. Teach them how and encourage them to go out into the world and make your brand shine.

Make your marketing so targeted that you only get what you need.

When you are busy, you can’t afford to cast too wide a net. But, if you press pause, you might find you have created a lag. By tailoring your messaging and marketing efforts to attract only the right clients, you will keep your revenue rolling in while not overwhelming your operations.

Work smarter, not harder.

When time is a hot commodity, it’s essential that your operations are as efficient as possible. Awve Marketing can help you ascertain what marketing platforms make the most sense for your business and work to ensure that those tools are leveraging all resources.

Focus on things that bring results.

Now is not the time to experiment or test new marketing initiatives that may or may not bring results. Time is too valuable. Resources are too scarce. We highly recommend that all businesses take the same approach of focusing on initiatives that have proven themselves to bring ROI.

While this prescription seems obvious and intuitive, it may be easier said than done. The team at Awve Marketing is standing by to help businesses assess their best course of action during these lean, challenging times. 

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