Getting to Know All About ChatGPT

The Problems ChatGPT Doesn’t Solve

Unless you’ve been living off the grid lately, you have probably heard some mutterings about ChatGPT created by the company Open AI. While the potential of this AI tool is incredible, it’s important to do some level setting. It is not the replacement of all human marketers.

ChatGPT can do a LOT, but it can’t do it all – which may not be the most popular opinion among the marketing set, but I am not one to jump into things without some thought. Things will certainly change as new iterations of these types of tools come out, but for now, I am here to say: ya’ still need a content strategist on your team.

Getting To Know All About ChatGPT

What is ChatGPT? Released in the Fall of 2022, Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot. It uses a prompt method whereby a user can type in a question or request, and the tool will do its best to generate a response. It can be used for various purposes, from essay writing to code writing. A type of prompt might be, “Write three paragraphs about the role bees play in our ecosystem.” 

As you may have guessed, the wording and specifics of the prompt can help you get a better output. For example, instead of, “Write two paragraphs about Paris,” you might prompt the AI to, “Describe Paris in two paragraphs like you are F. Scott Fitzgerald.” The results you get will be radically different. In fact, prompt engineering is set to be a new job title that never existed before and is theorized to pay quite nicely.

As many of us begin to explore and study ChatGPT, I think it’s a perfect time to pause and weigh out the pros and cons of this powerful tool.

Quick List of Do’s and Don’ts Using ChatGPT

Use ChatGPT as a platform to help shape ideas. If you are at a loss for an idea, ChatGPT can be a place to bounce a concept around – a non-human brainstorming partner. Turn to ChatGPT to come up with headlines, rough drafts and outlines that you can then turn into something viable and unique with the help of a human content strategist or creator.

Use ChatGPT to check your work. ChatGPT can be a writing partner that helps check our content for tone, grammar and style. You just have to instruct it as to what to look for in your content.

Don’t forget ChatGPT is a machine and doesn’t (necessarily) understand your brand voice. While it might seem tempting to use ChatGPT to solve your content production needs, it is not a good idea to lean too heavily on the technology because it simply doesn’t understand the nuance and essence of your brand voice. It is still the same old story – quality over quantity.

Fact check your ChatGPT output. ChatGPT is a lot of things, but a sound research tool it is not. In the future, it may get better at providing research information, but for now it is known for providing a range of accurate to wildly inaccurate answers to questions that could be better researched through Google and other sources.

Remember that ChatGPT may not be good for SEO. The jury is still out on how AI-generated content will impact SEO. It will likely be impactful in some way as Google gets in the game with its AI tool, Bard. This may not be a true con, but it is something to consider.

Like it or love it, ChatGPT and other AI tools are here to stay. They are set to change life as we know it. From developing code for apps and websites to writing articles to create art, AI is already changing how marketers approach their day-to-day tasks.

Many are worried that AI will take away their jobs or eliminate the need for their expertise, but the truth is AI is a tool. We may change the way we work because now we have a new tool, but a human touch is needed to access and run the tool – at least for the time being.  (In fact, stay tuned for next month’s blog on tools vs. skills.) 

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