I develop marketing programs for the commercial real estate industry so management teams can focus on growth.

– Jackie Awve

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Brand Identity.

People judge a book by its cover. Your brand is your competitive edge, a definition of how you are perceived in the world. From style to substance, JAM specializes in creative and strategic direction to make your brand shine through across all marketing channels.

Consistency Delivered.

Strategy, design and calendars only matter if they are executed consistently, cohesively and measurably. Plans only work when the sleeves are rolled up, and the work happens. JAM loves to talk strategy but puts an equal emphasis on deliverables to ensure results.

Digital Sophistication.

What story does your digital storefront tell about your business? Technology evolves at a fever pitch.  Staying current on trends and best practices is not optional. Keep your digital presence relevant with the help of the digital marketing expertise of JAM.

Industry Experience.

Are you catering to commercial real estate? It’s a complex and dynamic industry. From development to leasing, management to the occupant, each stakeholder has a unique perspective. JAM brings in-depth knowledge and powerful insight to the table, ready to put it to work for your success.

Hi, I’m Jackie.

I help craft marketing strategies to create a brand identity that is recognizable and relatable. Working together, we position your messaging in the ideal places to make your brand visible and appeals to your audience. By managing your brand and marketing projects, we shape your customers’ experience to create lasting relationships and opportunities for your organization.

As your business evolves so should your marketing. That’s why I work with you to find a sustainable consulting and creative service program that gets you on the right track.

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Passionate about making positive contributions to the Commercial Real Estate industry, Jackie Awve develops branding and communications programs that create value and business opportunities.

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