Stay or Slay: What Marketing Trends To Bring Into 2024 and What To Leave Behind

As 2023 comes to a close and we embark on a new year, it’s a perfect time to reflect. As part of that reflection, it is a great time to assess what marketing initiatives are best left behind and which are important to bring forward.

The marketing world has historically witnessed substantial evolution year over year, but 2024 promises to be even more accelerated, with exciting developments in technology, consumer behavior and industry strategies. 

The Ultimate Marketer’s List of What Marketing Trends To Keep or Delete in 2024


Focus on AI

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. AI is leap-frogging at a pace that has never been experienced before. Marketers will begin to lean into AI in 2024 and beyond. AI can offer benefits such as:


One of the most prominent marketing trends for 2024 is the impact of AI for personalization. AI can truly revolutionize how businesses engage with their audiences with the ability to analyze vast amounts of data and thus, enable the business to create highly focused and personalized consumer experiences.


AI will continue to be a tool that will help marketers become more efficient and streamlined. For copy creation to photo editing and beyond, artificial intelligence can help marketing departments to get more done in less time.


AI is also making a massive impact in the customer experience arena. Businesses use AI to help with customer communication and data capture related to customer requests. AI’s applications range from chatbots offering tailored interactions to predictive analytics anticipating consumer behavior. AI excels in extracting insights from vast data sources, providing marketers with a deep understanding of customer behaviors, preferences and competitive trends.

Voice Search

Voice search continues to be a hot trend. Digital marketers predict that voice search will continue to gain traction in 2024. With the proliferation and mainstream adoption of smart speakers and voice assistants, content optimization for voice search is more critical than ever. Marketers will need to place emphasis on the use of long-tail keywords, conversational phrases and structured data to ensure their content performs well in voice search results. This will include voice-activated advertising offering marketers new opportunities to interact with consumers.

Video Dominance

Video has been on the rise and is predicted to do so in 2024. Marketers are continuing to lean on video creation as a way to improve their social media presence, communicate brand voice and value propositions as well as show off their business persona. (Not to mention benefits to SEO and organic social performance benefits.)


Social Media Influencers

The days of the social media influencer that has 100K followers and a general focus will likely be on the decline in 2024. The rise of nano and micro-influencers will take over. These influencers, who may only have 1,000 or 10,000 followers, offer engaged and targeted audiences for the results-driven marketer.

Old-fashioned SEO Tactics

SEO is the moving target that will continue to keep us on our toes. 2024 will most likely be no exception, and projections as to what the next twelve months hold for this channel are, in many ways, impossible to predict. One thing is for sure, however, a few things are out (or should be) for 2024:

  • Keyword stuffing (emphasis on this being an old tactic)
  • Lack of mobile optimization (We think it’s sad to have to say this in 2023, but there are still websites out there that haven’t been updated.)
  • Overlooking page load speed 

Flying Blind

Marketing departments have more and more ability to use data and analytics to support their efforts. As we embark on 2024, budgets will be tight, and competition will be intense, making metrics more critical than ever. Digital channels provide so much information that marketers can pivot and optimize their efforts in real-time.

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