There is a canyon-sized difference in the way business-to-business branding works versus business-to-consumer. Of course, some overlap exists, but business-to-business or B2B branding has a set of requirements that are unique and challenging. While business-to-consumer (B2C) branding is not a slam dunk by any measure, this marketing pro posits that B2B branding is more nuanced and more driven by the strength of the brand. If B2B branding is harder than B2C, it makes sense to do a review of the basics now and again, wouldn’t you agree?

But first, let’s examine some relevant B2B stats:

  • More than 50% of all B2B buyers are millennials. 
  • The B2B industry in the US in 2021 was estimated at $6.7 trillion.
  • 32% of CMOs rank customer experience among the top three priorities for B2B marketing success.

Unpacking B2B Branding Tips

Let’s start by refreshing the definition: 

At JAM, aka Jackie Awve Marketing, we like to make sure there’s an intense level of clarity when it comes to terms like branding and marketing. Why? Because the details are everything. The details are the foundation. The details are the difference between measurable results and pretty campaigns that underperform. So, bear with me while I refresh.

  • Branding Defined The JAM-way – Branding is a process in which we communicate the essence, values and culture of a person or organization.
  • Marketing Defined The JAM-way – Marketing is when we promote and sell products or services, including market research and advertising.

Good (and by good, I mean measurably successful) branding makes your company more engaging and memorable. We use good branding to help us succeed with our marketing efforts.

Know your audience:

The way you reach an affluent female baby boomer in a C-Suite position is different from how you would reach a millennial in an entry-level position at their first job. To further this B2B analogy, the way you market to an established corporation with a legacy brand with lots of measurable and historical data versus a start-up that is testing the marketplace also varies and varies greatly. From both the macro and micro level, you want to drill down on who your B2B audience is, who the gatekeepers are as well as who the final decision-makers are. 

Showcase Your Expertise

This seems like an obvious tip for B2B branding, doesn’t it? But, you’d be surprised how many businesses get busy in the day-to-day operations of their business operations and overlook opportunities to showcase their own areas of expertise. It’s more than just a list of products and services (of course, those are needed). But, it’s also a list of your superpowers. The things that you intuitively do that no one else does. The reasons your current clients and customers sing your praises. These are the things that should be showcased – front and center.

Do More Than Say You Deliver Excellent Customer Service.

We’ve all seen companies talking about how their customer service is superior, second to none and a legitimate reason why we should pay more for what they are selling. But the truth is, many businesses don’t have the goods to back the statements up. Setting yourself apart in this area is often the low-hanging fruit that strengthens or even defines your B2B brand. Here are some B2B branding tips that help you tap into this idea of superior customer service:

  • Show (don’t tell) your audience that you understand a day in their life. You get the challenges they face, and you have a solution that will make getting to their goal easier.
  • Have a clear definition of what you mean when you say “excellent customer service.” Roll out that definition internally through training and communication. Then, measure it to make sure it’s working.
  • Make it a core part of your business. In B2B branding, customer service is pivotal. Creating this plan for the customer experience, therefore, should be a central part of your business operations and marketing.

Consider Everything A Conversation.

One of the best B2B branding tips I can share with you is this one. Everything from your logo to your brochure to your website is a conversation you are having with your client, customer or prospective client/customer. It all matters. Your B2B branding starts there but doesn’t end there. 

This conversation includes:

  • The knowledge and friendliness of your front line
  • Your response time
  • The way your technology works (or doesn’t) 
  • The aesthetics and messaging 
  • And so much more. 

Think in terms of a poorly organized brick and mortar retail store versus one that is intuitively laid out with lots of positive vibes as you shop. Every step through the store creates an impression, a feeling; and a silent conversation is taking place with this retailer’s brand. You may leave the store with what you came in for, but the feeling related to the brand is what will bring you back. It’s what will imbue you to pay more, share the tale with friends and become a loyal customer.   

Consistency. Consistency. Consistency.

Did I mention consistency is important? It is something that can’t be stressed enough. Once your B2B brand is developed, you, unfortunately, can’t stop there. Consistency is what it takes to create depth and reinforce what you stand for to your customers. 

The great news is, you don’t have to figure this out all on your own. Put the power of the branding pros at Awve Marketing to work for your B2B efforts today. We specialize in helping B2B businesses clarify their brand voice, identify their audience and create a consistent (and effective) strategy to drive business goals. 

Ready to talk about your B2B marketing strategy?

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