Congratulations to TruPark Asset Parking Management on their First Managers Summit

TruPark Team

(December 21, 2021) – TruPark recently held a “Foundations of Success Managers Summit” at the BAC Colonnade location in Coral Gables.

The Summit, attended by TruPark Parking Managers, was jam-packed with team-building activities and education shared by subject matter experts. Topics ranged from parking technology to marketing and sales support.

As a fractional Marketing Director for TruPark, Jackie Awve discussed the importance of branding and marketing in a business-to-business environment. Unfortunately, marketing tactics outlined in popular blogs typically fall short of delivering a return on the resources invested for companies facing a long sales cycle. For that reason, brand building and engaged marketing are vital to business development.

Jackie’s update included the evolution of TruPark’s marketing and branding, outlining how the TruPark team contributes to the brand’s success. In addition, she emphasized that exchanging information was crucial in supporting a more dynamic representation of an organization.

In 2021, TruPark Asset Parking Management introduced the “Park with Us” initiative to help raise awareness of TruPark Parking Centers, attract transient parkers and drive revenue. Jackie detailed how the information sourced by the team is integrated into the digital marketing platforms that have been established.

TruPark Asset Parking Management

Based in South Florida, TruPark Asset Parking Management is a full-service parking management company providing solutions to simplify operations, deliver high-quality, consistent service, and maximize revenue potential for commercial real estate.

The TruPark team manages parking assets in multiple cities. The team meets virtually every week to exchange best practices, trends, and mastermind parking management challenges.  The Manager’s Summit also allows the managers the ability to meet face-to-face and take a deeper dive into training and continuing education.

To view a list of TruPark Parking Centers, click here.

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