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Every other Tuesday, I am blessed to have a conversation with a dozen like-minded businesswomen in what some might call a mini-Mastermind session. This tribe of women are all successful in their fields, but we look to each other for inspiration and support to level up and reach our goals, professionally and personally. It’s truly a blessing.  

You can imagine that in our most recent call, the current pandemic was the topic of conversation. I made a comment that everyone felt I should share in a more open forum. Actually, there were two comments.


My first observation was that there had been many times that I have said, “I wish I could pause the world so I could just catch a breath.” This was especially true just before the holiday season last year when my world tilted on its axis – personally and professionally. But it’s not just me…after all, how many of us have thought: “I wish I had an extra day in the week”?

So while this pandemic is disruptive, I am going back to the ‘Pollyanna’ ways that I lost when my world shifted and embracing the opportunity this slowdown is gifting us. I am most excited about the fact that my son and I get a chance to revisit a ritual that we abandoned when he went to college. Let the This Is Us binge-watching begin.


I am glad that I waited a day before sharing my second comment because I am already starting to see my observation manifest more clearly. If I were to try and quote myself, it would be: “I am so curious to see what this world looks like when we come out on the other side of this forced slow down.”

“People will have more time to reflect and connect. Perhaps they will tackle those New Year’s resolutions or make the lifestyle changes they have longed for. Maybe the time to self-reflect and re-connect will prompt lifestyle changes they would never have considered.”

I am already starting to see changes in business with a more compassionate and thoughtful approach. In just 24 hours, I have had discussions about product or service line innovations that add value for customers. I have witnessed more authentic communication, added efficiencies, and a true display of genuine concern for employees who are often overlooked. The consensus among my clients is that these business practices that are being implemented will continue beyond the slowdown because, well, they work. And it makes people feel better about where they work. 

Queue the music now because (perhaps this is a little too ‘Pollyanna’) but I can’t help but hope that the world will be a bit more like the Beatles ‘Imagine.’

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