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Reflection Tips To Help Your Business Succeed

Reflection on Reflection: 3 Ways To Look At Your Company’s Progress As the year speeds to a close, reflection is a likely consideration for most business owners, marketers and decision makers. If it’s not, it probably should be. Confucius is quoted as saying, “Learning without reflection is a waste. Reflection without learning is dangerous.” Great [...]

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Coworking Giants Battle Over Trademark and Poaching

Two industry giants in the co-working space are about to battle it out. Giant #1 Regus has been an international giant in the executive suites, meeting room, and coworking space for many years. They have apparently been the most significant player on the flexible workspace block with a network of almost 3000 business centers in [...]

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Preventing website hostage situations

Do you think ransomware is the only type of culprit to hold a website hostage? This is bit of warning about how your creative assets can be held hostage. It's another post that started from a social media post and a place of frustration on behalf of a client. So here is how the situation [...]

Tips To Set Marketing Objectives

Do You Know Why You’re Going Where You’re Going? Have you ever felt like you (or your team) are simply going through the motions without a true compass for where they are going? Our workdays are spent working hard on time-consuming tasks, but is it clear what the marketing objective behind those tasks are? If [...]

This month’s focus word: Awareness

Welcome to May’s word of the month: awareness. Tyrion Lannister, leading character from HBO’s wildly popular drama wisely laments, “Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.” While Game of Thrones is based on a fantasy world, Lord Tyrion’s words can be applied to the real world in terms of our [...]

Word of the Month: Design

Why “Keeping It Real” Is The New Design Trend March’s word of the month, design, is something I am almost always thinking about. While I love design; I love strategic design even more. In today’s marketplace where social media dominates and under-produced, user-generated content goes viral, authenticity is something akin to the Holy Grail. And, [...]

SEO Myth Busting: Fact, Fiction or Used-To-Be-True?

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is similar to shooting at a moving target. New updates to Google’s algorithm happen frequently and with each change, the best practices that worked the day before may, at best, be no longer affect or, even worse, have a negative impact on your results. Here’s Why Keeping Up [...]

New Year, New Facebook Strategy

When my clients are asking me a question frequently, and my news feed is full of updates and articles on the same topic, I know it’s time to push out a JAM chat. With the kick off of the New Year came the announcement that Facebook is changing the way it does things. These Facebook [...]

LinkedIn: What’s New for 2018

I am often asked about integrating LinkedIn into a social media strategy. Should I do it? How much time should I spend on it? Will I get results? While these are frequent questions, it’s not the top question and perhaps knowing that will provide the answer to the others. The number one question I get [...]

What’s The Meaning Of This?

January’s word of the month, meaningful, is near and dear to my heart. When it comes to life in general, I think it’s important to do most things with meaning, but it is an imperative when we are talking about the success of our businesses. Meaningful marketing, in this case, does not translate into charitable [...]

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