Why Is Being Consistent So Hard?


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“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.” 

This mantra from Marie Forleo, New York Times Best Selling Author, renowned marketing guru and entrepreneur, resonates but leaves us asking an obvious question. If we agree it’s important, why aren’t we more consistent in our marketing initiatives? Before we delve into the answer to this perennial question, let’s explore some reasons marketing consistency matters. (And, don’t worry, we’ve got some tips to help you reach optimal consistency too!)

Use Marketing Consistency To Reach Your Goals


Why is marketing consistency so hard to accomplish? We live in an instant gratification dominant world. We expect things in real-time. In both our personal and professional lives, we have access to data and responses at lightning speeds. Add to that dynamic that businesses are:

  • Under unprecedented competitive pressures
  • Facing budgetary constraints that demand ROI ASAP 
  • Possibly driven to find the next big, viral marketing campaign that blows up the internet
  • Working from a constantly-improving mindset (not an entirely bad thing)

All these variables, and many others, make us stray from something that we know to be true steady, consistent effort pays off. Knowing when to pivot is important too, but pivoting too much and/or too early can cause us to fail before we ever really get started.

Why does marketing consistency matter so much? In a world where chicken sandwich wars drive consumers to wait in ungodly long lines for fast food, why does consistency matter more than the hunt for the next big thing? Marketing consistency is important for a multitude of reasons, here I’ll list a few:

  • Your brand requires reinforcement. Think of a brand that you love. The world’s top brands are recognizable with only a word, a color or a symbol. Nike, with its swoosh, Amazon with the mention of “Prime” or Google with the letter G – are all great examples. The truth is that these brands were built on a consistent image and message that reinforced and drove home what they are and what they stand for. 
  • Some conversions take more than one touchpoint. Data can (and should) help you determine exactly how much nurturing your prospects require to take the leap and purchase your goods or services. In most cases, the number is higher than one. Assuming your KPI in any given marketing initiative is a conversion, aka sale, your message should be consistent across every touchpoint that is driven toward nurturing that conversion. It should be a reminder, a nudge and a push toward the finish line, not something completely different.
  • Consistency creates a foundation from which you can change. Consider a brand that has branched out in many different directions. Brands with a clear, recognizable identity can diversify into other areas without muddying the waters so much that their audiences no longer know who they are.

What steps can I take to get more consistent in my marketing efforts? Okay, let’s assume I’ve successfully built the case for more marketing consistency, and you trust in my marketing experience to guide you onward from here. Let’s unpack some of the next steps you can take to ensure you are consistent in your marketing efforts:

Rather than just jumping headfirst into a marketing campaign or a new marketing channel, take the time to define your vision first. Are you going into a new social media platform to increase brand awareness, attract new customers, improve the customer experience or attract investors? By clearly outlining your vision as well as your success benchmarks, you’re more likely to stay consistent in your efforts.

It’s  a common misstep of the zealous business owner who wants to conquer the world by selling as many widgets as quickly as possible. However, a systematic approach to marketing supports the ability to be consistent. If your marketing resources and budget are spread so thin trying to do everything, you may not be following through on anything.


By using project management tools, calendarizing deadlines and meeting with key team members, you can be the driver of your marketing’s consistency. No matter how busy things get, don’t negotiate the time it takes to follow up on marketing campaigns to make sure your consistency pushing out your message.


As a business leader, you’ve likely got a keen sense of how things are going before there is any solid proof. This gut instinct can often act in contradiction to your marketing consistency goals. Using data and best practices to drive your marketing initiatives will help you not only avoid stopping when you shouldn’t stop but also provide insight as to why campaigns fail (if your hunch turns out to be right).


There are some things we know and do and there are some things we know and set aside because of priorities. It’s not a bad thing. Even I have a team that I turn to so that I can concentrate on my highest and best use. What’s important is that when you have a goal, the action steps are being taken. That doesn’t mean that you have to tackle them personally. Quite frankly, outsourcing is a sign of growth.


The good news is my specialty is helping businesses, not only define their marketing strategies but also to guide them on how to stay consistent with them to contribute to their long-term success. Your customers want a consistent message from you, be sure that’s what you’re giving them!

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