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We are working with Leykar on a website refresh!

(July 12, 2021) JAM’s has been working with Leykar to bring their website into alignment from a customer-facing and back-end maintenance perspective. Both aspects are crucial to make a website resonate with customers and prospects and make it adaptable to their needs.

“If a message does not engage or resonate with your user, then they are going to miss the point entirely and that means a lost opportunity that may never materialize again!” – Jackie Awve

A block of text may say what you want it to say and be grammatically correct, but it still may not connect with the customer or prospect. In the case of Leykar, there were large blocks of text that repeated throughout the website and graphics that did not support the copy.

JAM is working from the ground up to make the copy concise and consumable while aligning it with the company goals and enabling the brand to evolve. Some of the graphics were also changed or rearranged to highlight captions. 

With this website, it wasn’t what you saw that was the problem. 

Sometimes what you don’t see can hurt you.

Website maintenance is crucial for many reasons. Since Leykar’s site was not regularly maintained it was: 

  • susceptible to hacking and malware 
  • lost functionality 
  • had an infrastructure that was too unstable to make edits

Websites are expected to be more dynamic in today’s world. If you can’t update the content periodically, you’ll have an outdated digital brochure. 

JAM worked with Leykar to rebuild the infrastructure of this site to address these issues. This will allow their website to evolve as the company grows, without a lot of expense or hassle. 

JAM  maintains Leykar investments’ website.

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