• It prompts thought and conversation. HubSpot statistics show that more than 50% of people read most of the emails that come into their inbox. It’s no wonder that agencies still embrace email marketing!
  • Emails help you reinforce your brand and messaging. They provide one more stage to tell your story.
  • Targeted messaging. By segmenting your lists, you can tailor your message to spell out the pain points and solutions that resonate with your next client.
  • Analytics. Knowing what people are responding to allows you to get better over time.
  • It’s a small investment. For as little as $25, you can reach up to 2,500 contacts on a monthly basis.

Now you know the why, here is the how:


It’s important to use an email management system such as Constant Contact for marketing via email. Without it, you risk having your email blacklisted (that means your non-marketing emails will not reach the intended party).

Set up a template so that you can quickly pop in new information to send to clients. This also will help with brand management.

Use a combination of text and images (not just a jpeg) in the body of your email. Not everyone can view images.

Schedule it! It’s easy to let time get away from you. The best way to be consistent is to treat emails like newsletters or e-blasts like a publication.

Test, test, test. Before you hit send to everyone, send yourself a test message. Check it from your desktop and your phone.

Use a format that is mobile-friendly. Single column formats are the best for this purpose.

Avoid spam filters by using best practices for captions and subject lines like NO CAPS and avoiding words like free or special offer in the subject line.

Keep emails organized. Pay attention to formatting like fonts consistency for titles and text, showing hierarchy, adding emphasis with bold and italics.

Repurpose your material. Your emails can be excerpts from your blog, website or other sources.

Use the “Click to see web-version option.” It’s a happy occasion when someone forwards your email to a friend but if all they can see is HTML code, the favor was wasted. The web version available from email management systems can help you avoid that trap.

I am sure these email marketing tips will come in handy. If you find yourself consistently running out of time, be sure to give me a call. I have a managed service program that may help you.

Jackie Awve offers complimentary, no-obligation thirty-minute marketing consultations providing expert feedback and guidance on your current marketing initiatives as well as actionable steps to improve your strategy.