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Midgard Group Launches New Website

JUNE 2, 2020 | Midgard Group is a leading South Florida real estate development, investment and management company and a member of an international real estate conglomerate.

While the team at Midgard Group is forward-thinking and tops in its industry, their website did not reflect that in a first impression. As is often the case, the website had not been updated in more than ten years. The commercial real estate development, investment, and management company focused on creating a sales funnel built on relationships with less effort to update their online presence. 

Midgard Group routinely regroups to drill down on its business objectives and soon realized that there is a getting-to-know-you process that takes place in any business environment. Recognizing that whether the first interaction is face-to-face or via virtual channels, an internet search is almost guaranteed to take place during the exploratory stages of the partnership, leading them to launch their new website project.

Enter JAM. Midgard Group tapped JAM to create a website that could accurately demo their expertise and experience while reflecting core values and business processes – a true foundational marketing asset to reinforce their brand. JAM’s interpersonal skills, experience in the commercial real estate industry, and the ability to use design to convey messaging helped create a digital platform telling the Midgard story. 

Midgard is regionally focused with a global perspective and a team of community-minded experts on hand. A wide array of cultures inspires them and their projects reflect a tapestry of progressive ideas, trends and best practices. Midgard optimizes each team member’s broad and unique experience, talent, and expertise, focusing on community and sustainability. JAM collaborated with the Midgard team to craft the message that puts this expertise and cutting edge philosophy on display, front and center on their new website. 

For this website development project, JAM provided:

  • Industry insight
  • Brand development
  • Content creation
  • Graphic design
  • Online marketing

Take a moment to get to know Midgard Group and learn more about their story, vision and portfolio at midgardgroup.com.

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