Commercial Real Estate: Business Centers and Executive Suites

This is a dynamic time in the workspace industry.

Societal and economic drivers have propelled a record number of people to embrace the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Technology and mobility have transformed the traditional workplace. Together, these changes have created a growing need for flexible real estate options like executive suites, meeting rooms, and shared and co-working space for the small and micro-businesses.

Consumers of flexible workspaces are experienced and informed. They also have plenty of options so old marketing methods will not provide adequate opportunity. Business center customers crave a sense of community and a partner for resources.

Operators of business centers, executive suites, meeting rooms, shared and co-working space need to develop and execute a dynamic and strategic plan to fill the need of the new business owner and take advantage of opportunities to generate revenue.

What’s Important Today in Marketing Executive Suites, Meeting Rooms, Shared / Co-working Space and Virtual Office Services?

Image is everything.

We choose to buy from people that make them feel comfortable and create a sense of trust. How do we assess that? By how well a sales representative presents themselves, how they speak, and how they dress.

Your business center, sales collateral, and creative assets are part of your silent sales force. Making the best impression is even more important since your workspace represents your clients to their clients. Let’s update your sales collateral and creative assets so that you use the right words and the right images to put your best foot forward and appeal to your ideal customer.

Getting noticed.

You shouldn’t have to be told that relying solely on drive-by traffic and a street sign is old school. Your competition is more sophisticated so it’s time that you got strategic about getting noticed too.

Marketing and advertising draw attention to your executive suites, meeting rooms, shared & coworking spaces and virtual office services. We need to be sure your digital storefront is found and you have an opportunity to showcase your center as the perfect small business real estate solution so that you have every opportunity to generate new leads and customers.

Building bonds and creating community.

More than ever, customers want a great experience at affordable rates and go to extra lengths to seek that out. That’s why showing value and building loyalty is a big deal in abating the transient nature of business centers and executive suite. Whether it is through events, blogs, or social media, you can build bonds and create community with rally points and platforms for regular communications.


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Jackie Awve is a Marketing Consultant with a proven track record for impacting the success of real estate based businesses. As an experienced marketing partner that understands overall business goals, she is passionate about using branding, marketing, and communications to develop community in order to increase value and drive revenue.

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