December Celebrations Are Always In Order

How’s your year been? I know you already know what you did well, where you made slam dunks and where you fell short. You’re on top of your game and eyeing your metrics at key points throughout the year with precious few days left in 2018, you’ve already projected how this calendar year is going to close. Well done, well done!

The word of the month for December is celebration. In respect to our business lives (and hopefully all aspects of our lives), we can always find reasons to celebrate. Even if it was a rough year, you can celebrate that challenges that you overcame to keep your doors open despite the rough patches. In some cases, the tough years give more reason to celebrate. Perseverance certainly is a trait worth admiring! For whatever reasons you find to celebrate this December, and please do find them, I challenge you to also review your year-in-review routine. Of course, you’ll be looking at those three areas I mentioned (where you did well, where you excelled and where you fell short), but check out these tips to make sure your 2019 starts off on the right foot.

Start 2019 Off On The Path To Success With These Oft-Overlooked Tips:

  1. Review Your KPIs – You’ve got your dashboards set up and your unique tracking metrics set into motion. (Nicely done!) But, don’t forget to take a moment to review them periodically. Things change, from the competitive landscape to the tech tools to the marketing strategy and those KPIs that meant something in January of 2018 might not be so insightful in the first quarter of 2019. What do you need to be measuring as your business’s landscape changes, evolves and scales?
  2. Take Inventory – As we enter a new year, it’s a good time to take a proverbial walkthrough your asset inventory. When a marketing consultant uses the word asset, we’re not referring to your company’s equipment. We’re talking about your digital ads, your Lead gen landing pages, your printed materials like brochures and postcards. In other words, all your marketing materials both in print and digital form. Do these pieces all sync up with where you are today in terms of product scope, legal requirements or brand direction? Now is the perfect time to take stock of where your “assets” stand and plan for any updates and changes that are needed before 2019 kicks off.
  3. Be Present – While it might sound trite or new-agey, being present as we glide through our December celebrations is more important than one might think. Many business leaders make the obligatory appearance with their team during holiday festivities or avoid events altogether. Hard work and achievement on the part of employees (or you) throughout the year can be quickly discounted because you’re busy jumping into 2019 with both feet. Taking the time to reflect, reward and be in the celebratory moment that December brings can, however, rejuvenate your team, reward great efforts and align your company-wide objectives for next year.

It’s amazing how fast a year passes us by. As we screech into the last days of December, my hope for you and your business is that you have a multitude of reasons to celebrate. As you take the time to reflect on your successes and failures of 2018 and project onward toward your goals for 2019, always know I am here for you to support that growth of your business. Let’s get started!