Dear Social Media, Things Just Aren’t Working Out…

They say breaking up is hard to do, but for me and social media, it seems to be the only way to go. No, of course, I am not giving up on social media completely. I am, however, re-scoping my relationship with this marketing channel. As you read on, you’ll get an idea of how my social media strategy is evolving into something better. Check out  the reasons I’m giving my social media approach an overhaul to include a strategy and vision from 30,000 feet, not one centered around tasks that might be more beneficially-executed by shareholders closer to the action. So, let me explain…

4 Reasons I’m Creating A Better Relationship With Social Media

  • You get the most of your consultant’s services before execution begins. Long before you begin to pull the trigger on your ongoing and consistent social media efforts, a strategic conversation should be had. A savvy marketing consultant would be great to be on hand during this process to help you determine the brand representation, the best social media platforms and the overarching goals for your social media strategy.
  • You can get more value from a different configuration. While the break up between myself of social media might seem drastic, you might find a better relationship with someone else. I can help you develop your high level social media strategy AND provide training to your team to ensure that the strategy follows best practices and remains true to the goals.
  • You need an internal, ear-to-the-ground social media type of presence. Things may have started out great between us, but somewhere along the line, we stopped telling each other things. The truth is I’m not in your office every day. I don’t have the insights that you and key members of your team have. I am not empowered to deal with critical customer service issues. By keeping the day-to-day social media functions in-house, you can create a successful and responsive presence for your brand.
  • We can still be friends. I’m hoping we can still be friendly. I’d like to come in and help you measure your efforts, assess the external environment of your competitors, stay true to your brand and pivot your messaging when needed. We may not see each other as much, but we’ll be friends.

Social Media is a prevalent force in our society, and the stats don’t lie. Sproutloud, leading social media tech platform, reports that 66% of adults use social media regularly, 74% of consumers use social media to help them make purchasing decisions and 90% use social media to communicate with brands when there is a customer service issue. I don’t discount the importance of Social Media, for obvious reasons. Social Media and I have had a long, interesting relationship, but it’s time to call it quits (sort of). 

This doesn’t mean I won’t do what I do best – help businesses strategize and create roadmaps to success, which may include Social Media strategy and measurement, but not execution. Bye for now, social media, it’s been real. 

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