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Reasons to ♥ Email Marketing + 10 Useful Tips

HERE IS THE SHORT LIST OF WHY EMAIL IS GOOD FOR ENGAGEMENT It prompts thought and conversation. HubSpot statistics show that more than 50% of people read most of the emails that come into their inbox. It’s no wonder that agencies still embrace email marketing! Emails help you reinforce your brand and messaging. They provide one more stage [...]

A Marketing Consultant’s Takeaway from The 4-Hour Workweek

THE BENEFITS OF EMAIL DISCIPLINE  A few days ago someone sent me a message asking me if I had read The 4-Hour Workweek and if I had implemented anything from it. With so many ways to receive messages, I can't figure out where that message came from so I am leaving my answer here. In fact, The 4-Hour [...]

When Was the Last Time You Took Inventory of Your Marketing?

IT’S INVENTORY TIME. “Taking inventory” is usually related to a business that has materials and goods for sale, but it’s a phrase I often use with my marketing consulting clients. Creating an asset list serves the same purpose in branding, marketing, and communications as it does in any other business. An inventory gives you a [...]

Five Signs You Need a Marketing Consultant

ARE YOU MISSING THE SIGNALS? Do you get frustrated or overwhelmed when you think about marketing your business? Perhaps you are not confident in the steps you are taking. If you have been on the fence about hiring a marketing consultant, here are a few clues that now is the time: Your marketing feels [...]

Take a Lesson from The Voice: Make Your Marketing Sing

Like the maestro that leads the orchestra to the audience’s standing ovation, the right marketing initiatives should evoke emotion (and ultimately action) from your audience! Often companies get into the routine of executing marketing campaigns and miss integral components of the strategy. The output is off-key and fails to be truly heard and felt. Since [...]

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