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Reasons to ♥ Email Marketing + 10 Useful Tips

HERE IS THE SHORT LIST OF WHY EMAIL IS GOOD FOR ENGAGEMENT It prompts thought and conversation. HubSpot statistics show that more than 50% of people read most of the emails that come into their inbox. It’s no wonder that agencies still embrace email marketing! Emails help you reinforce your brand and messaging. They provide one more stage [...]

To Boost Or Not To Boost…That Is The Facebook Question

  An Answer To Your Facebook Question: To Boost or Not To Boost? If you have ever tried to advertise on Facebook, I am sure that you have experienced the frustration of getting Likes from people (that you know at a glance) are not your ideal client. It felt like such a waste and you vowed [...]

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Use This Hack To Upgrade Your Social Media Feed Instantly

Did LinkedIn’s changes have an adverse affect your feed? You can fix that. In a previous post, I explained how it is important to know your social media platforms so that you know what types of posts are appropriate and not-so-appropriate. LinkedIn has grown in interest among the business crowd of late. The social media outlet also [...]

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Myth Busting In Video Marketing

Let’s do a video! I have to admit that whenever I hear that statement, I cringe. In my mind, I think “Did another bandwagon go by?” or “Where is this coming from?” Don’t get me wrong, I love video! There is nothing more sexy than plotting out a shoot and being on set during filming. [...]

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