Community Building

What Does The Future of Business Look Like

SOME CLUES ABOUT GENERATION Z.   Recently, my nephew started a small enterprise selling Rice Krispies treats to his friends and acquaintances. While Rice Krispies Treats are a basic recipe, apparently, he has mastered the treat-making technique and created a few “specialty flavors” that have become high in demand. Ivan is involved in several [...]

What is a Buyer Persona and Why You Should Create One

WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?  Most people understand that one of the first things you need to know when you are developing your marketing strategy is to know your target market. A Buyer Persona takes that concept to another level. A Buyer Persona is an in-depth evaluation of your customer (or more importantly, your ideal [...]

My Special Meaning For Independence Day

  WHAT INDEPENDENCE DAY MEANS TO ME July 4th does more than signal summer time for me. It also goes beyond the marketing campaigns that revolve around retail and vacations. It’s a reminder of my personal Independence Day. It is the anniversary of my consulting business and this year Jackie Awve Marketing has reasons to [...]

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Who Moved the Marketing Cheese?

  Think with Google says that “91% of smartphone users will use their phone for ideas in the middle of handling a task.” Do you find that number unbelievable? It seems pretty reasonable to me. In fact, even when I am at my desktop or laptop, I keep my smartphone nearby so that I can use [...]

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