Preventing website hostage situations

Do you think ransomware is the only type of culprit to hold a website hostage? This is bit of warning about how your creative assets can be held hostage. It's another post that started from a social media post and a place of frustration on behalf of a client. So here is how the situation [...]

Is Brick-and-Mortar Retail Dead? Online Shoppers Say, “No.”

Not long ago, a commercial real estate executive said to me, “Brick-and-mortar retail is dead. Online killed it.” This was a conflicting time and topic for me because we had this discussion shortly after I discovered a passion for marketing and branding retail properties. This executive is an industry leader and someone I respected very [...]

Powerhouse Inspiration to Help You Get Started With Your Blog

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN two thought-leaders like Marie Forleo and Seth Godin come together for an interview?  You get a powerful punch of inspiration and great advice. Marie Forleo  is the host of MarieTV, entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist and self-proclaimed unshakable optimist. I can relate to her level of optimism – and she is quite entertaining too. Seth Godin [...]

The Pitfalls of Comparative Analysis

WHAT I WISH I KNEW SOONER I was reading an article about a leading business founder and advice that he wished that he received earlier in his career. This prompted me to think about some of the lessons that I’ve learned and what I wish someone had told me. Have you ever done this? You [...]

Five Signs You Need a Marketing Consultant

ARE YOU MISSING THE SIGNALS? Do you get frustrated or overwhelmed when you think about marketing your business? Perhaps you are not confident in the steps you are taking. If you have been on the fence about hiring a marketing consultant, here are a few clues that now is the time: Your marketing feels [...]

To Boost Or Not To Boost…That Is The Facebook Question

  An Answer To Your Facebook Question: To Boost or Not To Boost? If you have ever tried to advertise on Facebook, I am sure that you have experienced the frustration of getting Likes from people (that you know at a glance) are not your ideal client. It felt like such a waste and you vowed [...]

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Winning the Race with A Marketing Consultant

Over the last year, Awve Marketing has had the pleasure of working on with several start-up businesses and a few projects that required complete marketing plan overhauls. Together with my clients, we made great strides that included creating and developing new brand identities, establishing marketing channels and platforms, launching new websites and campaigns, enhancing the end-user [...]

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Nanak’s Landscaping New Website Launches With Added Curb Appeal

Your website is where most first impressions are made since most buyers research services and companies onlined before making an initial contact. Nanak’s Landscaping had not updated their website in many years. Realizing that websites are not only where first impressions are made but is an opportunity to tell their services and define their story, they [...]

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Use This Hack To Upgrade Your Social Media Feed Instantly

Did LinkedIn’s changes have an adverse affect your feed? You can fix that. In a previous post, I explained how it is important to know your social media platforms so that you know what types of posts are appropriate and not-so-appropriate. LinkedIn has grown in interest among the business crowd of late. The social media outlet also [...]

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