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Target The Right Customers

Be Extra Picky This Valentine’s Day It’s Valentine’s Day (almost) which means love is in the air and on our minds. If you are out on the dating scene, you might get advice that you should stay picky and not settle for less than you deserve. This same high standard should be set for [...]

Year In Review: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Year In Review: Looking Back, Looking Forward One of my favorite things to do this time of year, as a bonafide Marketing Geek...err, I meant to say Marketing Professional, is to check out the marketing year in review reports, the top ten lists and the crystal ball predictions for marketing trends in the coming [...]

Celebrate Your Marketing Successes

December Celebrations Are Always In Order How’s your year been? I know you already know what you did well, where you made slam dunks and where you fell short. You’re on top of your game and eyeing your metrics at key points throughout the year with precious few days left in 2018, you’ve already [...]

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Reflection Tips To Help Your Business Succeed

Reflection on Reflection: 3 Ways To Look At Your Company’s Progress As the year speeds to a close, reflection is a likely consideration for most business owners, marketers and decision makers. If it’s not, it probably should be. Confucius is quoted as saying, “Learning without reflection is a waste. Reflection without learning is dangerous.” Great [...]

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How To Deepen Your Customer Connections

In our lives and in our business endeavors, it is easier than ever to take cover behind a screen, a tech tool or any varietal of non-human interaction. Trust me when I say, that I am a top fan of tech tools that save me time and streamline both my professional and personal life. In [...]

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Preventing website hostage situations

Do you think ransomware is the only type of culprit to hold a website hostage? This is bit of warning about how your creative assets can be held hostage. It's another post that started from a social media post and a place of frustration on behalf of a client. So here is how the situation [...]

Marketing Process Tips

I Love A Good Marketing Process, Don’t You? This month’s word of the month is process, a topic near and dear to my heart. And, any strong marketer will understand why. Successful marketing teams must have creativity and strategy, but all is lost without a tight process. You see, marketing is akin to a living, [...]

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Why all the wrenches on a marketing blog?

#JAMTIME: The wrench is an analogy This started as short and sweet social media post but the more long-winded I got, the more I realized it was turning out to be something more - a  topic that needed to be explored in greater depth. By the end of this communication, I promise to have given [...]

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Tips For Setting SMART Goals

It’s 168 Days Until New Year’s Eve: How’s It Going? Time seems to fly by faster with each coming year, and we seem to get busier each year too! Consistency, July’s word of the month, is sometimes sacrificed as we move at the speed of light trying to keep up with an ever-changing, always demanding [...]

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