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LinkedIn: What’s New for 2018

I am often asked about integrating LinkedIn into a social media strategy. Should I do it? How much time should I spend on it? Will I get results? While these are frequent questions, it’s not the top question and perhaps knowing that will provide the answer to the others. The number one question I get [...]

Staying Connected Through Stormy Weather

AS THE MASSIVE, CATEGORY-5 HURRICANE IRMA made its approach toward South Florida last week, it was hard for us to focus on anything else. While marketing is obviously not is not a high-priority when a hurricane is approaching, communication should be. For many, business is not as much a priority when a storm like this [...]

Is Brick-and-Mortar Retail Dead? Online Shoppers Say, “No.”

Not long ago, a commercial real estate executive said to me, “Brick-and-mortar retail is dead. Online killed it.” This was a conflicting time and topic for me because we had this discussion shortly after I discovered a passion for marketing and branding retail properties. This executive is an industry leader and someone I respected very [...]

What Does The Future of Business Look Like

SOME CLUES ABOUT GENERATION Z.   Recently, my nephew started a small enterprise selling Rice Krispies treats to his friends and acquaintances. While Rice Krispies Treats are a basic recipe, apparently, he has mastered the treat-making technique and created a few “specialty flavors” that have become high in demand. Ivan is involved in several [...]

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